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Membership FAQs
The Northeast District Dental Association (NEDDA) is one of six components of the Florida Dental Association (FDA). The FDA is a constituent of the American Dental Association (ADA). When you join the NEDDA, you also join the ADA and the FDA.

As a member you will be joining a team that, for more than a century, has represented the dental profession and its high ethical standards to help direct the evolution of the practice environment.

Your membership helps to ensure that your interests in your chosen career are protected.


The FDA tracks and analyzes legislation affecting dentistry and health care in Florida. Intensive lobbying and political efforts protect you from over-regulation and unnecessary fees. You have representatives in Washington and Tallahassee through the American Dental Political Action Committee (ADPAC) and Florida Dental Political Action Committee (FLADPAC). As a member you will enhance your ability to achieve success and excellence as a dentist, and ensure a strong future for the profession.

You will also enjoy a multitude of benefits:

The FDA offers free pre-registration to FDC; free online continuing education (CE) courses; the FDA Peer Review Program; delegable duties information; leadership training; corporate discounts; online resources for scientific and practice management. In addition, you’ll receive award-winning publications, including the Journal of the American Dental Association and Today’s FDA, as well as many other free member benefits. For more information regarding these benefits click here.

NEDDA offers continuing education (CE) at a greatly discounted rate or at no-cost to its members which in turn provides networking opportunities with other dentists in your area which can assist you and your practice in insurmountable ways; free Peer Review mediation to settle disagreements between patient and dentists more economically and efficiently than the legal system. As a member of NEDDA you also will have the opportunity to join one of NEDDA’s two affiliate organizations; the Jacksonville Dental Society and the Clay County Dental Society, both of which will gain you access to additional CE credits and activities. You may contact the Jacksonville Dental Society by clicking the link or going to the Affiliates tab on the menu. The Clay County Dental Society’s contact information is there as well.

While the benefits of membership are great, belonging to a group of people who share common interests, goals and life experiences can make a big difference in your day-to-day practice.

The ADA, FDA, and NEDDA are a team dedicated to your professional success! Our strength and ability to make a difference in our profession comes from the dedication and unity of our members, and we can’t do it without you!